Pre-School Karate Kids Get a Leg Up on Academic and Personal Growth

Yi's Martial Arts Fitness Academy is a place where young people grow their self-confidence and learn Martial Arts (improving motor skills, memory, social skills, and more) in a fun, safe, and stress-free environment designed for children. At Yi's Martial Arts Fitness Academy, even the pre-school Karate kids practice life skills such as courtesy, respect, honesty, and self-control. Most children adopt these life skills quickly and use them inside and outside the Martial Arts school – at home, school, play, and elsewhere. Teachers often remark on the positive differences they observe! Self-reliance and dependability are traits highly valued in our society – and are fundamental goals for trainees in Karate for pre-school program.

Respect and gratitude are also core concepts that Yi's Martial Arts Fitness Academy teach in our expertly-designed Martial Arts curriculum for pre-school children. Students training at the Wood River, IL location learn to respect one another as well as their siblings, friends, teachers, parents, and instructors. Lead by Chris Lee, our friendly, experienced instructors are dedicated to strengthening the minds and bodies of all students.

With a strong focus on developing attention and awareness, our instructors prepare pre-school Karate kids to excel academically, athletically, and socially. Teachers and parents see improved mindfulness as a big advantage for pre-school age students in all settings. Take memorization for example. Yi's Martial Arts Fitness Academy classes teach students in a variety of fun ways to memorize and perform Martial Arts moves (techniques) properly in a particular order. Developing the capacity for memorization enhances a child’s ability to retain, repeat, and apply important information correctly, a skill that aids their academic performance and promotes positive, lifelong learning.