Kickboxing Takes Fitness and Fitness to Exciting New Levels

Developing a regular workout regimen is an important part of leading a healthy life. The Yi's Martial Arts Fitness Academy Kickboxing program is a great way to liven up your fitness program with a full body workout that is sure to leave you feeling fresh, renewed, and stronger than ever. Our unique program combines strength and cardio exercises that have roots based in Martial Arts. Working within a group setting always excites the desire to train consistently and also gives you more energy and motivation. See the inches fall away as you and your peers train on punching bags and with resistance bands, guided by Chris Lee and the trained instructors at Yi's Martial Arts Fitness Academy.

The idea behind our Yi's Martial Arts Fitness Academy Kickboxing program is straight-forward: we want help you get fit and stay fit. What sets this exercise program apart from others is its dynamic combination of innovative workouts and personal challenges, coupled with versatility and convenience. Each class combines strength training with cardio and body conditioning components so you achieve a total body workout every time.

Our Martial Arts facility in the Alton Riverbend and Metro East Area area provides students with a workout experience guaranteed to provide the results you are seeking. Training with Chris Lee and the fit, skillful, experienced instructors atvYi's Martial Arts Fitness Academy is sure to provide you with motivation simply not found at a regular gym program. Call or use the contact form today for an invitation to visit our facility, speak with instructors and students, and get an incredibly valuable introductory offer!