Get Ready for the Most Exciting Martial Arts and Fitness Program You’ve Ever Tried.

Martial Arts and Self-Defense Programs at Yi’s Martial Arts & Karate Fitness Academy offers an energized, innovative way to workout your body and mind. Get six-pack abs, firm, toned legs and arm yourself with the confidence that only comes when you KNOW how to defend yourself and protect your family. Have the most fun you’ve ever had while working out!

We offer classes for every fitness and skill level. If you’ve never slipped on a Gi-that’s the white uniform all karate students wear, Or, if you are about to get your black belt certification, Yi’s has a class for YOU. All ages are welcomed. Young adults in their late teens to retired seniors looking for a new physical activity outlet.

If you’ve never thought about martial arts, think about this…you can do martial arts throughout your entire life. Age doesn’t matter! And the physical and mental benefits are countless. Want a rock hard body looks like it belong on a college student? Want a workout that is both fun and challenging? Want to strengthen your bones, your sense of balance and lose weight? Want to learn how to defend yourself and protect your family while you workout? Martial Arts offers all that and then more!

When you enroll in our classes you can expect to gain self-confidence, focus and self-discipline. You’ll quicken your reflexes and ultimately change your life!

Each class provides the following components:

  • A dynamic warm-up and proper cool-down
  • Exercises designed to promote flexibility
  • Exercises ideal for conditioning
  • Both aerobic and anaerobic sections
  • Enthusiastic instructors committed to making your workout FUN!

In addition, classes at Yi’s are developed to ensure you cultivate the following:

Top-notch Self-Defense Skills – You’ll quickly arm yourself with the ability to protect yourself and your family with actual moves suited for real-life situations.

Explosive Striking Proficiency – If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to perform the same skills UFC fighters use when competing in matches? Through our Muay Thai Kickboxing Classes, you’ll develop UFC style striking skills using your arms, feet, knees, and elbows.

Grade “A” Grappling Abilities – Whether you’re after real-world skills, or ones to help you become a competitor, our Submissions Grappling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu curriculum answers those needs.

Come Meet Our Expert Staff

Our Staff is committed to making sure each individual reaches their personal fitness goals. Each instructor endorses the fun philosophy and believes that you’ll stay on track with your workouts if you enjoy and look forward to classes. Give us a call TODAY at 618-251-5425 and get yourself six-pack abs…arm yourself with skills that protect…become a black belt and have fun. Take advantage of our Free Trial Program. You’re new life is just one phone call away!