Congratulations on your first step towards self-improvement and learning to protect yourself. In Korea we have an old saying: “every thousand mile journey starts with a single step”

At Yi’s Martial Arts Fitness Academy we are committed to providing the highest quality professional martial arts instruction empowering our students with valuable skills for daily life and contributing to a safe and peaceful community. Here at Yi’s Martial Arts Fitness Academy our motto is “Empowering Lives Through Martial Arts.”

Martial Arts can be a fun, educational, and healthy way for children not only to keep physically fit but also to learn respect and how to understand and resolve conflicts peacefully. But this can only happen when Martial Arts is taught as a whole endeavor. Physical self-defense can only properly be taught in the context of self-understanding, which is, helping young people avoid and resolve conflict before it becomes a physical confrontation. These skills, of conflict avoidance and resolution, need to be taught together with conflict management, that is, mental self-defense together with physical self-defense. This enables young people to use their brains as a first line of defense to cope with being bullied, without having to resort immediately to physical means. Physical self-defense skills give Martial Arts students the confidence not to fight and therefore to use mental skills first. Taught in this manner, Martial Arts can be a valuable way for young people to acquire important social skills, skills that will naturally make for healthier and more peaceful relationships.

Martial Arts is not only about kicking and punching but more importantly, at Yi’s Martial Arts Fitness Academy, we are committed to teaching our students the successful life skills that will help them succeed in any endeavor they may choose to do

Welcome to Yi’s Martial Arts Fitness Academy, may your martial arts journey be both rewarding and life changing!

GM Chris Lee

Yi’s Martial Arts Fitness Academy is located in Wood River, Illinois. We proudly serve the St. Louis Metro East area including Alton, East Alton, Roxana, Bethalto, Edwardsville, Glen Carbon, Collinsville, Granite City, Piasa, Moro, Brighton, Jerseyville, Shipman, Gillespie, Godfrey, Bunker Hill, Cottage Hills, Elsah, White Hall, and Holiday Shores. Learn about our Little Dragons, Junior Martial Arts, Teen / Adult Martial Arts, Personal Training, Women Self Defense Seminars, Summer Camp, Birthday Parties, Bully Prevention, Private Lessons and other Martial Arts Classes.

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